About the Prognostics and Health Management Society

The Prognostics and Health Management Society (PHM Society) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of PHM as an engineering discipline. The PHM Society was incorporated in early 2009 as a New York Corporation. The flagship event of the Society is the Annual Conference of the PHM Society

The PHM Society is founded on three basic principles:

  • To provide free and unrestricted access to PHM knowledge;
  • To promote interdisciplinary and international collaboration in PHM;
  • To lead the advancement of PHM as an engineering discipline.

Access to PHM knowledge

One of the basic principles of the PHM Society is to enable timely and free dissemination of research results, articles, opinions, news, and notices pertaining to PHM research and applications. Unlike most other technical organizations, PHM Society has adopted a Creative Commons license policy that allows authors to retain copyright while allowing the Society to distribute their work broadly through modern media.

The flagship publication of the PHM Society is open online journal entitled the International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management (IJPHM). The Journal has established a fast paced, yet rigorous peer-review policy. The Journal intends to publish original papers within 8-12 weeks of initial submission, much faster than what is possible with traditional print media.

Another avenue for dissemination of research results is the Annual Conference of the PHM Society. The PHM conference is held once a year in autumn. The conference seeks high-quality original submissions and also maintains a rigorous peer-review policy.


The PHM Society fulfills its international and interdisciplinary collaboration objectives through the organization of conferences, workshops, and similar events. In addition, the Society provides a platform for community collaboration through its web site. The PHM Society web site provides capabilities for community collaboration through forums, wikis, blogs, and other Web 2.0 capabilities. The Society web site is accessible to its entire user base without restrictions, fees, or membership requirements.

Advancement of PHM

The third principle of the Society is to lead the advancement of PHM as an engineering discipline. To that end, the Society is engaged in the development and adoption of international standards, research methods, teaching curricula, and metrics in PHM. Education of the PHM community is another goal that supports this principle. The Society fulfills its education goals through tutorials, workshops, PHM data analysis competitions, and hands-on training sessions during conferences.