Present Your Journal Paper at a PHM Society Conference

PHM Society publications have maintained high quality standards for both its Conferences and the Journal. Highest quality conference papers are also invited to be published in the Journal. However, starting in 2012 we will provide an option to the journal authors to specify in advance in case they would also like to consider an option to present it at one of the upcoming PHM conferences.

Please send an email to the editor indicating your preference to present your work at a conference and also with a choice of conference if there are multiple conference in a year. Authors are reminded that the paper must be journal quality and adhere to the journal template. The paper will be reviewed as per journal review standards and if accepted a presentation slot will be reserved at the target conference. The paper will be published in the journal archives and linked through conference proceedings.


  • A journal publication of your high quality research work
  • A peer review of your work by experts in the field
  • A chance to present your work to the targeted audience
  • No reworking required to publish in the Journal
  • A shortened review cycle to journal publishing


  • Rejected papers will not automatically be considered for the conference and may additionally miss the submission deadline.
  • If re-submitted for the conference, they will be reviewed subject to conference review criteria


Publication Process