Software Research Engineer for Smart Manufacturing [Belgium – (Kortrijk, Leuven or Lommel)]

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You guide the leading Flemish manufacturing companies towards industry 4.0 innovations.

Manufacturing lines are becoming increasingly “smart”. For instance, machine configuration settings and operator instructions are automatically tuned based on quality measurement systems in order to reduce scrap rates or increase the production capacity. Flanders Make helps companies in creating proof-of-concept studies to support their transition to Industry 4.0.

You design Industry 4.0 software proof-of-concepts
To support innovation in the design process of real-life industrial manufacturing lines (e.g. manufacturing a compressor or a steel cord for tire reinforcement), you will
– Work together in a research team that combines expertise in the development of software codes, modelling & simulation algorithms, concept design, system architecture, cloud and edge computing, big data architectures and digital twins;
– Take the lead in conceiving new Industry 4.0 software architecture to bridge data connections.

More concretely, you will:
– Create software prototypes that demonstrate the feasibility and value of smart manufacturing functions to manufacturing companies. To this end, you will smartly glue together cutting edge IIOT technologies (PAAS/SAAS/IAAS, databases, ETL solutions, container technology, data analysis, OPC/UA…);
– Support companies in the creation of future-proof software architectures enabling to integrate various new smart manufacturing systems;
– Research new methods to swiftly integrate manufacturing knowledge into AI applications and deal with specific constraints of the manufacturing industry such as high-mix, low-volume series for which only limited data sets are available;
– Actively follow up new developments (standards, protocols, technologies…) in the field of the Industrial Internet of Things, Data Science Technologies and industry 4.0;
– Trace and present industrial challenges and new research opportunities.

Experienced researchers will also lead projects.

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