System Engineer Innovative Electrical Systems [Belgium – (Leuven or Lommel)]

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As a system engineer and researcher, you re-design electrical systems in drivetrains and manage all energy flows in them.

Flanders Make promotes new possibilities to improve system performance with optimal energy management and new power electronics technology. For smart factories, where intelligent machines are interconnected, Flanders Make develops new high-performance power systems. For future vehicles, where electric drivetrains are the norm, Flanders Make enables state-of-the-art hardware to increase efficiency and reliability and save costs.

Improve energy performance within a system of interconnected machines

As an expert in power electronics or energy management, you
– Work together in a research team combining expertise in power systems, power electronics, mechatronic design, communication methods, predictive control and optimisation;
-Take the lead in redesigning the entire electrical system.

For various applications (weaving loom, e-vehicle, industrial robot, smart factory…) you
– Figure out together with the team how to effectively manage and control the energy flows;
– Optimise the total cost of ownership (reliability, efficiency, power quality…);
– Integrate out-of-the-box energy storage ideas (e.g. supercapacitors, thermal buffering, mechanical storage solutions such as springs & flywheels…);
– Create the high-level system architecture;
– Lead the integration of submodules, the dynamic modelling of power components and their controls, continuously keeping the bigger picture in mind;
– Trace new research opportunities and propose new project ideas.

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