Call for Demonstrations

The PHM Society provides an opportunity for participants to showcase their diagnostic, prognostic and health management engineering approaches through PHM Technology Demonstrations. The concept of the demonstrations is to offer a “hands-on” learning experience for attendees. Multiple daily demonstrations will be given as hands-on tutorials to small groups. Each tutorial will last for approximately 30 minutes, where attendees will be encouraged to participate and ask questions.PHM Society 2013 Technology Demonstration Attendance Sign-Up Process
All conference participants are invited to attend the interactive, hands-on hardware demonstrations. There are TBD demonstrations from which to choose (see below for details). Due to limited space, attendees must sign-up at the conference registration desk. Time slots are allotted to attendees on a first come first serve basis on the sign-up sheet.

Demonstration Summaries

  • TBD (approximately six proposals will be selected by July)

Demonstration Selection Process
Invited topics included, but were not limited to:

  • Sensors and Sensor Integration for Health Management
  • Rapid Aging, Testing and Analysis Techniques
  • System Identification Processes to Support Health Management Goals
  • Innovative System Maintenance Approaches
  • Fielded Prognostic or Advanced Diagnostic Systems
  • Certification and Validation Techniques for Health Management Applications

NOTE: Demonstration hardware, software, concepts, material, data, etc., must be cleared for public release.

Interested demonstrators should submit a brief write-up (mini-proposal) of their proposed PHM technology demonstration, including:

  • Demonstration description
  • Amount of attendee interaction expected (more is better)
  • Educational, teaching, and cross disciplinary value
  • Demo requirements (size, weight, facilities and display needs, etc.)
  • What needs to be shipped
  • How it needs to be stored

A reimbursement of up to $500.00 (US) will be offered to each demo team to help defer shipping and rental equipment costs. Special requests and consideration for additional support will be given to Universities and Small Businesses upon request and at Organizational Committee discretion. We will also provide tables, chairs, power, and a visual display method.
Please submit proposals and questions to the co-chairs listed below by June 15, 2013.

Demonstration Chairs
James Larkin (
Rhonda Walthall (