Annual Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society 2009

San Diego, CA September 27 – October 1, 2009

The attendee list has been posted here.

The 2009 PHM Society Conference brought together the global community of PHM experts from industry, academia, and government in diverse application areas such as energy, aerospace, transportation, automotive, and industrial automation. The conference featured workshops, townhall meetings, hands-on demonstrations, a luminary session, a dedicated session on fielded systems, a doctoral consortium, and a full day of tutorials free to all registrants. A PHM data analysis competition was carried out with considerable participation from industry and academia. Leading companies and research institutions exhibited their products and demonstrated their technologies during the event. Several social events provided opportunities for participants to connect with colleagues.

The conference brochure is available for download at the agenda tab.

The PHM Society

For years, the field of PHM was represented under a variety of banners, including aerospace, reliability, failure analysis and prevention, mechanical engineering, and others. Nevertheless, PHM is broader than any single field of engineering. We established the PHM Society in order to unite the fragmented PHM community and to establish PHM as a legitimate scientific and engineering discipline. The 2009 conference will be managed by an outstanding team of PHM professionals that have strong name recognition in the field. We invite you to join these leaders of the PHM community and help establish PHM as a meta-discipline that draws from electrical, electronics, mechanical, civil, and chemical engineering, computer and materials science, reliability, test and measurement, artificial intelligence, physics, and economics.


The conference will have technical sessions during which authors present their papers. All papers have been reviewed by a panel of reviewers based on the criteria of originality, significance, quality, and clarity. The conference proceedings will be published on the web for unrestricted access by the global scholarly community (and search engines).

A major differentiator for the PHM Society will be its contemporary approach toward copyright: the Society will not take ownership of your work! Instead, authors will retain copyright through a Creative Commons License while allowing the PHM Society to distribute their work broadly through modern media. As a result, your original articles will reach the entire world for free and without access restrictions.

Paper submission is now closed. A PDF version of the original CFP can be downloaded from here.

Topics of Interest

  • PHM system design and engineering
  • Physics of failure
  • Software health management
  • Structural health management
  • PHM for electronics
  • Sensors
  • Bio-sensors and detection of pathogens
  • Diagnosis methods
  • Data-driven prognostics
  • Model-based prognostics
  • Standards and methodologies
  • Fault-adaptive controls
  • PHM technology maturation
  • Return-on-investment analysis
  • Deployed applications and success stories