PHM20 Product Showcase

Product Showcase Description

The PHM Society offers our conference sponsors the opportunity to participate in the Product Showcase, where presenters may take advantage of a unique platform to advertise company products and services in a focused environment. The intent is to generate virtual interest for follow-up exchange.

The Product Showcase sessions will be comprised of a series of 10-minute marketing, where all questions/answers are reserved for off-line. Viewers will enjoy this approach as companies strive to make significant first impressions during a condensed window of time.

Please direct your interest, or submit questions, to the chairpersons listed below by May 27, 2020 October 15, 2020.

Product Showcase Chairs:
Derek DeVries,
James Larkin,

The opportunity to give a marketing presentation during a Product Showcase session is available for any conference funding level provider.

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NOTE: Presentation content (hardware, software, concepts, material, and data) must be cleared for public release.

Product Showcase Topics and Presenters

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