Tuesday, July 3, 2012 — Tutorials, ADX Sessions, and Poster Session
Wednesday, July 4, 2012 — PHM Keynote Speeches, Technical Paper Sessions, Banquet
Thursday, July 5, 2012 — Technical Paper Sessions, Industrial Panel Session, Boat Tour
Friday, July 6, 2012 — SHM Paper Sessions, Closing Remarks, Site Visits

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012 Location
8:00AM–5:00PM PHM Registration Open Terrace Level Foyer
9:00AM–9:20AM PHM Europe Welcome
9:20AM–10:40AM Tutorial 1–Model Based Diagnosis
Peter Struss–Technical University of Munich, Germany
Conf. Room #1
10:40AM–11:10AM Joint Coffee Break Exh. Hall
11:10AM–12:30PM Tutorial 2–Fundamentals of Prognostics
Kai Goebel and Abhinav Saxena – NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Conf. Room #1
11:10AM–12:30PM ADX Session
Peter Struss – Technical University of Munich, Germany
Conf. Room #2
11:10AM–12:10PM Thirty Years Later … Model–Based Diagnosis–Where Have We Gone?
Peter Struss–Technical University of Munich, Germany
12:10PM–12:30PM Using Structural Decomposition Methods to Design Gray–Box Models for Fault Diagnosis of Complex Industrial Systems: A Beet Sugar Factory Case Study
Belarmino Pulido, Jesus Maria Zamarreno, Alejandro Merino, Anibal Bregon–University Valladolid, Spain
12:30PM–2:00PM Joint Lunch Break Exh. Hall
2:00PM–3:20PM Tutorial 3–State–of–the–Art Realization of Prognostics in Industry
Benoit Iung–Lorraine University, France
Jean–Baptiste Leger–Predict Company, France
Michel Shieber–Cassidian T&S, EADS Company, France
Conf. Room #1
2:00PM–3:20PM ADX Session Conf. Room #2
2:00PM–3:00PM Diagnosis and Repair from First–Principles
Gerhard Friedrich–University Klagenfurt, Austria
3:00PM–3:20PM Discussion: Where do we go from here?
3:20PM–3:50PM Joint Coffee Break Exh. Hall
3:50PM–5:30PM Tutorial 4–Runtime Verification and Runtime Reflection
Martin Leucker–University of Luebeck, Germany
Conf. Room #1
3:50PM–4:30PM ADX Session
Peter Struss–Technical University of Munich, Germany
Conf. Room #2
Diagnostics Driven PHM
Jim Lauffer–DSI International, Inc.
Feature Extraction and Evaluation for Health Assessment and Failure Prognostics
K. Medjaher, F. Camci, N. Zerhouni–FEMTO–ST Institue, Besancon, France
5:30PM–7:30PM Joint Reception and Poster Session Dresden Congress Centre (Exh. Area)
Economic Reasoning for Asset Health Management Systems in Volatile Markets
Katja Gutsche–Hochschule Ruhr West, Germany</em
Analyzing Imbalance in a 24 MW Steam Turbine
Afshin Daghighi Asli–Morvarid Petrochemical Complex
Vahid Rezaie and Leila Hayati–Mopsaco Consulting Company
Integrated Vehicle Health Management and Unmanned Aviation
Andrew Heaton, Ip–Shing Fan, and Craig Lawson–Cranfield University, UK
Jim McFeat–BAE Systems, Warton Aerodome, UK
Knowledge–Based System to Support Plug Load Management
Jonny Carlos da Silva–Mechanical Engineering Department, UFSC, Brazil
Scott Poll–NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Design for Availability–Flexibile System Evaluation with a Model Library of Generic RAMST Blocks
Dieter Fasol–LFK–Lenkflugkoerpersysteme GmbH, Germany
Burkhard Muenker–icomod–Muenker Consulting, Germany
System PHM Algorithm Maturation
Jean–Remi Masse and Xavier Boulet–Safran, Snecma France
Ouadie Hmad–Safran Engineering Services, France
Wednesday, July 4, 2012             
9:00AM–5:00PM PHM Registration/Info Table Open Terrace Level Foyer
8:30AM–10:30AM Joint Keynote Session (PHM/SHM)
EADS Aspiration to Develop PHM Technologies and Services
Matthias Buderath – Head of Technology Development, EADS
Joerg Rissiek – Head of EADS Service Business Development
History of Engine Vibration Monitoring: A Personal Perspective
Richard Greaves– Meggitt
10:30AM–11:00AM Joint Coffee Break Exh. Hall
11:00AM–12:20PM Technical Paper Session: Prognostics Methods I
Kai Goebel–NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Conf. Room #1
A Distributed Architecture to Implement a Prognostic Function for Complex Systems
Xavier Desforges, Phillippe Charbonnaud, and Bernard Archimede–Universite de Toulouse, INPT, ENIT, France
Mickael Dievart– Aerocounseil, France
Adaptive Prognostics for Systems Operating Under Time–Varying Environments
Linkan Bian, Nagi Gebraeel–Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Characterization of Prognosis Methods: An Industrial Approach
Jayant Sen Gupta, Ariane Lorton, Vincent Feuillard, and Christian Trinquier–EADS Innovation Works, France
Autonomous Prognostics and Health Management (APHM)
Jacek Stecki, Joshua Cross, Chris Stecki, and Andrew Lucas–PHM Technology, Australia
12:20PM–2:00PM Joint Lunch Break Exh. Hall
2:00PM–3:20PM Technical Paper Session: Prognostics Methods II
Benoit Iung–Lorraine University, France
Conf. Room #1
Physics Based Electrolytic Capacitor Degradation Models for Prognostic Studies Under Thermal Overstress
Chetan Kulkarni and Gautam Biswas–Vanderbilt University, Nahsville, TN, USA
Jose R. Celaya and Kai Goebel–NASA Ames Research Center, CA
Major Challenges in Prognostics: Studying on Benchmarking Prognostics Datasets
O.F. Eker, F. Camci, and I.K. Jennions–IVHM Centre, Cranfield University
Designing Data–Driven Battery Prognostics Approaches for Variable Loading Profiles: Some Lessons Learned
Abhinav Saxena, Jose R. Celaya, Indranil Roychoudhury, Sankalita Saha, Bhaskar Saha, and Kai Goebel–NASA Ames Research Center, CA
Damage Identification and External Effects Removal for Roller Bearing Diagnostics
M. Pirra, A. Fasana, L. Garibaldi, and S. Marchesiello–Politecnico di Torino, Italy
3:20PM–3:50PM Joint Coffee Break Exh. Hall
3:50PM–5:10PM Technical Paper Session: PHM Applications
Giovanni Jacazio–Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Conf. Room #1
Health Management System for the Pantographs of Tilting Trains
Giovani Jacazio, Massimo Sorli, Danilo Bolognese, Davide Ferrara–Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Assessment of Remaining Useful Life of Power Plant Steam Generators–A Standardized Industrial Application
Ulrich Kunze and Stefan Raab–Siemens AG, Germany
Health Assessment and Prognostics of Automotive Clutches
Agusmian Partogi Ompusunggu and Steve Vandenplas–Flanders’ MECHATRONICS Technology Centre (FMTC), Belgium
Paul Sas and Hendrik Van Brussel&ndashKatholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Towards a Model-Based Prognostics Methodology for Electrolytic Capacitors: A Case Study Based on Electrical Overstress Accelerated Aging
Jose R. Celaya and Kai Goebel–NASA Ames Research Center, CA
Chetan Kulkarni and Gautam Biswas–Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA

Journal Paper Presentation
5:10PM–5:30PM Open Discussion
7:30PM Joint Dinner Banquet (PHM/SHM) Albertinum
Thursday, July 5, 2012             
9:00AM–5:00PM PHM Info Table Open Terrace Level Foyer
9:00AM–10:20AM Technical Paper Session: Systems Health Management
Ravi Rajamani–Meggitt, USA
Conf. Room #1
Uncertainty of Performance Requirements for IVHM Tools According to Business Targets
Manuel Esperon–Miguez, Philip John, and Ian K. Jennions–IVHM Centre, Cranfield University, UK
Data Management Backbone for Embedded and PC–Based Systems Using OSA–CBM and OSA–EAI
Andreas Loehr, Conor Haines, and Matthias Buderath–Linova Software GmbH, Garching b. Muenchen, Germany
Virtual Framework for Validation and Verification of System Design Requirements to Enable Condition Based Maintenance
Heiko Mikat, Antanino Marco Siddiolo, Matthias Buderath–Cassidian, Manching, Germany
Simulation Framework and Certification Guidance for Condition Monitoring and Prognostic Health Management
Matthias Buderath and Partha Pratim Adhikari–Cassidian, Manching, Germany
10:20AM–10:50AM Joint Coffee Break Exh. Hall
10:50AM–12:10PM Technical Paper Session: Analytical PHM Methods
Abhinav Saxena–NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Conf. Room #1
Lifetime Models for Remaining Useful Life Estimation with Randomly Distributed Failure Thresholds
Bent Helge Nystad, Giulio Gola, and John Einar Hulsund–Institute for Energy Technology, Halden, Norway
Finite Element Based Bayesian Particle Filtering for the Estimation of Crack Damage Evolution on Metallic Panels
C. Sbarufatti, M. Corbetta, A. Manes, and M. Giglio–Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Unscented Kalman Filter with Gaussian Process Degradation Model for Bearing Fault Prognosis
Christoph Anger, Robert Schrader, and Uwe Klingauf–Institute of Flight Systems and Automatic Control, Darmstadt, Germany
A Hybrid Model–Based/Data–Driven Approach for Fatigue Crack Growth Prognostics by Particle Filtering and Ensemble Neural Networks
Piero Baraldi, Michele Compare, Sergio Sauco, and Enrico Zio–Politecnico di Milano, Italy
12:10PM–1:30PM Joint Lunch Break Exh. Hall
1:30PM–2:50PM Technical Paper Session: Structural Health Monitoring
Anibal Bregon–University of Valladolid, Spain
Conf. Room #1
Prediction of Fatigue Crack Growth in Airframe Structures
Jindrich Finda, Andrew Vechart, and Radek Hedl–Honeywell International, Brno, Czech Republic
An Approach to the Health Monitoring of a Pumping Unit in an Aircraft Engine Fuel System
Benjamin Lamoureux, Jean–Remi Masse, and Nazih Mechbal– Snecma (Safran Group), Systems Division, Villaroche, France
Application of Microwave Sensing to Blade Health Monitoring
David Kwapisz, Michael Hafner, and Ravi Rajamani–Meggitt Sensing Systems, Fribourg, Switzerland
Theoretical and Experimental Evaluation of a Real–Time Corrosion Monitoring System For Measuring Pitting in Aircraft Structures
Douglas Brown, Duane Darr, Jefferey Morse, and Bernard Laskowski–Analatom, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, USA
2:50PM–3:20PM Joint Coffee Break Exh. Hall
3:20PM–5:10PM Industrial Panel Session Conf. Room #1
6:30PM–11:00PM Optional Social Boat Tour Along Elbe River
Friday, July 6, 2012             
9:00AM–10:20AM Paper Sessions (SHM)
10:20AM–10:50AM Joint Coffee Break Exh. Hall
10:50AM–12:10PM Paper Sessions (SHM)
12:10AM–1:30PM Joint Lunch Break Exh. Hall
1:30PM–2:00PM Organization of Site Visits and Closing Remarks
2:00M–5:00PM Optional Site Visits